Canine Adenovirus

Type1- (part of DAPP vaccine)- Also known as infectious hepatitis (inflammation of the liver), this virus can cause sudden death in puppies and is extremely contagious, as it is spread in the urine and feces. More mild infections may cause fever, diarrhea and respiratory congestion, but more commonly severe signs such as bleeding, yellowing of the skin (icterus) and even seizures are noted. If the dog does recover, they may develop “blue eye”; cloudiness in the eyes that is a result of inflammation. There is no specific treatment for this, and even after recovery the dog will continue to shed virus in the urine and feces for up to one year. The best prevention is vaccination by a veterinarian beginning at 6 weeks and repeated every 3-4 weeks until 20 weeks of age, then every 1-3 years as an adult.