Lyme Disease

This disease is caused by a spirochete bacterium called Borrellia burgdorferi and is transmitted by the Ixodes genus of tick, most commonly found in the northeastern states. Many animals that are bitten by an infected tick will be exposed to the disease, but may never develop symptoms. The most common symptoms are limping due to arthritis which may develop in multiple joints, loss of appetite and lethargy, fever, and swollen lymph nodes. Dogs that display these symptoms are often treated with a tetracycline (doxycycline) antibiotic for several weeks, however, sometimes the symptoms resolve on their own.
There are 2 ways to prevent transmission of this disease, depending on your pet’s level of risk:
1. Avoid exposure to ticks or use a veterinary approved tick preventative (as our staff for the latest recommendation products) to kill ticks within hours of attachment before they can transmit disease.
2. It may also be necessary to treat your home and yard with a product that kills ticks in the environment, as this is where the source of the problem lies.